Human Resources Management

Human Resources helps manage the employee lifecycle. Our employees are the biggest asset to any business and keeping them happy and informed is a monumental task. Some examples include, job description creation, recruiting, qualifying potentials, hiring, performance, administration of employee benefits, and termination. If termination is necessary, we also can help navigate the unemployment process as well.

Human Resources

Insure you know what type of employee you are looking for with clearly defined roles and responsibilities in a job description. Job descriptions also insure each employee knows what is expected of them and how they fit into your work process flow.

Recruiting for the best candidate and sorting through the less qualified applicants insures you are getting the most from your recruiting dollar. We can help by providing a clearing house service to insure you only review the most qualified applicants.

Insure your company is compliant when onboarding new employees. We take the guess work out of onboarding your new applicants by providing optional background screening, drug testing, and we file all the necessary paperwork.

Once you have your employees, it is important to insure they are operating as efficiently as possible. This requires goal setting, evaluation of progress to those goals, how well they work with others, and how happy they are in their current working environment. We help by providing performance campaigns to work with your employees to help them provide you with the feedback to keep them happy and productive.

If your company is ready to start providing benefits to your employees, we can help your discovery of the best options for your budget. Some of these options include:

  • Health Insurance
  • Dental and Vision
  • Disability Insurance
  • 401k
  • Cafeteria Plans
  • HSA

Good benefits can help you recruit better qualified employees when you start the hiring process.

Just as important as a good hiring process, it is just as important to have a good termination plan. This is usually something we hope we will never need but when it is necessary, you want to insure you are ready. This includes asset management, benefit termination, severance pay through accounting, unemployment filing, IT notifications, exit interviews, etc. These are all options that we can help your company with.

Efficient personnel management, enhanced reporting and analytical needs, repetitive task automation, and complete employee lifecycle management are just a few ways we can help to keep your employees engaged and happy.

Repetitive task facilitation and automation can help save you valuable time and insure you can focus on your primary business. These include tasks such as open enrollment management, reporting, notifications, filings, etc.

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